Mobinil and TE negotiate international terms

16 Nov 2007

Telecom Egypt has confirmed that it is in talks to continue offering international calls services to cellco Mobinil. ‘The negotiations with Mobinil are in the context of the whole interconnectivity agreement talks, which includes also infrastructure and connectivity rate,’ Telecom Egypt Chairman Akil Beshir told Reuters. Mobinil, Egypt’s largest mobile phone operator by subscribers, said earlier this month it would not buy a separate licence to offer international calls unless the government changed the financial terms. Mobinil Chief Executive Alex Shalaby said his firm was studying ‘whether a more aggressive discount structure with Telecom Egypt would be more favourable than building our own international gateway’. ‘If we give them a reasonable offer, which we intend to do, they will take it,’ Beshir said.

According to Egyptian legislation, a wireless network operator may obtain an international licence by paying EGP100 (USD18.12) per subscriber, plus up to 6% of gross revenues each year and EGP20 pounds for every new subscriber. Egypt’s newest cellco, Etisalat Egypt, is reported to have acquired an international licence, while Vodafone Egypt has said it does not plan to seek one.

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