TelstraClear and Vodafone both target fixed-mobile sector

12 Nov 2007

TelstraClear has re-entered New Zealand’s cellular market after cancelling its plans to deploy a 3G network and pulling the plug on its previous mobile resale business. The firm, which has signed a wholesale mobile deal with Telecom New Zealand, is now offering a package of fixed and mobile services to small and medium-sized business customers. TelstraClear, which had been expected to reintroduce mobile services early next year, says it brought the launch forward after seeing a lot of demand from customers. The company’s head of Small and Medium Enterprise division, Brenda Stonestreet, said: ‘There’s considerable interest from businesses who previously enjoyed having mobile from us as part of their total telecommunications package and they want that experience again’.

Meanwhile, its former wholesale mobile partner, Vodafone New Zealand, has launched a converged fixed-mobile product under the name Vodafone At Home. Customers plug their existing fixed phone into a new At Home box and can then benefit from lower cost mobile calls at home, while keeping their existing fixed line number; the service costs NZD39.95 (USD30.80) a month and includes unlimited calls to New Zealand landline numbers.

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