New Bahraini telco launched by Saudi group

8 Nov 2007

A new corporate-focused telecoms provider, Rawabi Telecom, has been launched in Bahrain this week by its 95% shareholder, Saudi Arabia’s Rawabi Holding Group. Rawabi Telecom, which is 5% owned by a Bahraini company, has acquired three licences from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for international telephony, ISP and value added services. ‘The launch of the new company is part of a strategic movement globally directed on behalf of its parent group,’ Rawabi Telecom COO Maro Simatovic told the Gulf Daily News. He added: ‘The company has differentiated from other players through marketing schemes targeting niche markets, secure systems enabling and non-product specific services. We are expecting to launch a full range of new services for the common consumer in the next 60 days, but have already penetrated the oil and gas industry and the financial sector by providing a select number of services to clients already. Our aim is to be corporate-orientated and operate on a basis of integrity and transparency when dealing with clients. Our services include a synchronisation of services between technology such as mobiles and laptops, remote communications and the introduction of cross-information services such as receiving voicemails as e-mail messages. Our partners include Redline communications, Nextone, Paybox and Verscom, who will be critical to providing us with up-to-date expertise in emerging technologies to help our clients remain at the cutting edge of an ever-changing market.’