Elisa launches world's first commercial UMTS-900 network

8 Nov 2007

Finnish cellco Elisa has launched the world’s first commercial UMTS-900 network in the municipalities of Siuntio and Pertunmaa. According to a company statement, UMTS-900 makes it viable to build 3G networks profitably outside densely populated areas, because costs associated with the technology can be as low as a third of other 3G platforms. ‘UMTS-900 is a solution to provide fast mobile broadband for sparsely populated areas. The present 3G coverage area can be expanded significantly and in the future it will cover all of Finland. Thanks to UMTS-900, all Finns will be able to use fast and affordable 3G mobile internet access and other mobile services,’ said Veli-Matti Mattila, President and CEO of Elisa.

From the start of 2008 around 75% of Finns in 130 municipalities will be covered by Elisa’s new 3G network. The network will initially offer connection speeds of up to 2Mbps, although this will be increased to 10Mbps in 2008.