CenturyTel revenues, net income up on broadband gains

2 Nov 2007

CenturyTel has announced financial and operating results for third quarter ending 30 September 2007. Operating revenues, excluding non-recurring items, were USD708.3 million compared to USD619.2 million in Q306, while net income was USD108.1 million compared to USD77.9 million previously. Free cash flow, excluding non-recurring items, was USD167.3 million in the third quarter of 2007, up from USD125.5 million a year earlier. Capital expenditure was up 6.2%.

CenturyTel reported having 530,000 broadband customers at the end of the third quarter, up from 340,000 a year earlier, although the number of access lines dipped 2.2% to 2.124 million, the company said. ‘We remain focused on being the leading provider of broadband products and services to customers in our markets,’ a spokesman for CenturyTel said. ‘We added more than 29,000 broadband customers during the third quarter and ended the quarter with more than 29% penetration of broadband-enabled lines.’

United States, Lumen Technologies (formerly CenturyLink)