Suptel wants harsher sanctions for cellcos

31 Oct 2007

Ecuador’s telecoms supervisory body Suptel has advised parliament that a draft bill to reform the country’s telecoms law overlooks a need to introduce harsher sanctions for mobile operators offering below-par services, reports BNamericas. The bill specifies that ‘minor sanctions’ for cellcos can include fines up to a maximum of USD500,000, as well as orders to temporarily suspend services. However, the upper limit for minor sanctions for fixed line operators is higher at USD1 million. According to the bill, in cases in which service quality and continuity are affected on a ‘massive scale’, cellcos can be fined between USD2 million and USD6 million. The bill is due for its second reading in parliament this week. Earlier this month a court froze Suptel’s sanctioning of cellco Porta for advertising call charges above agreed ceilings, but on Monday, after hearing the evidence, a judge denied Porta’s plea for an injunction. The punishment meted out included temporarily suspending network services for half an hour.

Ecuador, Claro Ecuador (Conecel)