Telecom says network split will bring broadband expansion

29 Oct 2007

Telecom New Zealand says it plans to bring high speed broadband internet services to every town and city across the country within four years. The firm’s CEO, Paul Reynolds, says that the proposed operational separation of its retail and networks businesses will be good for consumers because it will promote new investment and bring more choice. ‘Operational separation has given Telecom the opportunity to re-plan its broadband strategy and accelerate the upgrade of the existing network in ways that will support New Zealanders’ aspirations for the digital age,’ local website Geekzone reports Reynolds as saying. The telco is committed to deploying a next generation IP network to all towns with 500 or more lines in service and using ADSL2+ technology to offer internet downloads at peak rates of 20Mbps. ‘Over the next five years, we anticipate that total expenditure on our next generation network and fast broadband will amount to some NZD1.4 billion (USD1.06 billion),’ Reynolds says.

New Zealand, Spark