FT offers to open ducts to competitors to speed up fibre-optic rollout

23 Oct 2007

France Telecom (FT) has submitted an official proposal to the country’s telecoms regulator Arcep, in which it has offered to open its ducts to competitors ‘to ensure efficient and fair deployment of new optical fibre networks’. The proposal has been made as part of a public consultation which ended earlier this month. The wholesale offer to use FT’s ducts will be finalised by the end of 2007. In a statement, the French former monopoly said: ‘Access to existing civil engineering structures will include all information relevant to operators (maps, chamber locations, etc.), enabling them to install their own FTTH network by applying appropriate engineering rules. These rules will be designed to optimise the use of the ducts by managing the resources efficiently and avoiding saturation’. FT has also requested Arcep to ‘apply the same principle of fair competition for other owners of infrastructure needed to deploy optical fibre [networks]’. The incumbent believes the reciprocal approach to opening ducts will ‘allow a fair and regulated framework to be defined based on the principle of non-discrimination between operators, while enabling the emergence of real platform competition and new user experiences’.

France, Orange Group