Positive quarter at MTS

17 Oct 2007

Russia’s largest cellular operator, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), claimed 54.42 million customers in its domestic market at the end of September, up from 49.99 million a year ago. Its international operations also performed well; in Ukraine its wholly-owned subsidiary UMC saw customer numbers increase by 3.55 million to 19.91 million, while in Uzbekistan it added 1.2 million net new users to reach a total of 2.29 million. MTS Turkmenistan (formerly Barash Communication) added 150,000 new customers to reach 290,000, and its non-consolidated 49% subsidiary in Belarus saw 770,000 net new adds, taking its customer base to 3.66 million. The new acquisition in Armenia, VivaCell, claimed 1.07 million subscribers at the end of September.