Optima upgrades ADSL2+, VoIP network

17 Oct 2007

Equipment provider Tilgin, eastern European system integrator DSC and its local partner Optima OSN Inzenjering have been contracted to provide Croatian alternative telco Optima Telekom with IP gateways for residential ADSL2+ services. Tilgin will also provide Optima its VCM centralised remote management system, enabling Optima to deliver a ‘high quality’ managed VoIP service for its broadband subscriber base of approximately 100,000 households. Optima launched services in May 2005 and has captured approximately 13% of the residential voice telephony market and 16% of SME and SOHO users, according to its own estimates. By March 2007 it provided unbundled DSL connections in thirteen cities; that month it launched ADSL2+ services in the capital, Zagreb. At the end of 2006 Optima’s telephony, broadband and dial-up services were being used by a total of 180,000 customers, including around 9% of all households in the country and ‘several thousand’ business users. If it meets its targets, by the end of 2007 its services will be used by a total of 230,000 consumers, 150 large domestic companies, 400 small and medium-sized businesses and 15,000 entrepreneurs.

Croatia, Optima Telekom (incl. H1 Telekom)