Telstra: Next G coverage better than CDMA

16 Oct 2007

Telstra has formally notified the government that its Next G network now provides better coverage than its CDMA platform, setting in train a planned coverage audit by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The government announced last year that Telstra would not be allowed to close the CDMA network until Next G coverage was at least equal. To determine this it instructed the ACMA to audit coverage of Telstra’s CDMA network and, when Telstra indicated that Next G was ready, to carry out a similar audit of Next G coverage to confirm that this met or exceeded CDMA coverage.

Executive Director of Telstra Wireless, Mike Wright, said: ‘The Next G network now covers 25% more territory than the published coverage of the old CDMA network, has nearly 75% more towers (6,000 in total), offers speeds up to five times faster, and roams to more than 160 extra countries for voice and SMS.’

Australia, Telstra Mobile