SkyLink in surprise GSM bid

10 Oct 2007

The Russian CDMA operator SkyLink is making a surprise bid for GSM frequencies in forthcoming spectrum auctions in Siberia. The firm, which currently operates a CDMA450 network, has submitted eleven of the total 41 applications for GSM-1800 licences in Siberia. The firm intends to offer a dual-mode GSM/CDMA service, CNews reports, using GSM for voice services and CDMA for data applications. It is currently in talks with handset manufacturers over the development of suitable dual-mode phones. The government is auctioning 13 GSM-1800 frequency sets in Irkutsk, Tomsk, Chita, Ust-Ordynsk, Buryat and Aginsk. Among the other bidders are Russia’s third largest cellco, MegaFon, which has made eight applications, while the two larger players, MTS and Vimpelcom, have made three bids each.

Russia, SkyLink