Countdown to number portability begins

10 Oct 2007

Israel’s fixed line and wireless companies are reported by the Jerusalem Post to be making final preparations for the start of number portability on 1 December. Number portability will allow subscribers to take their numbers with them when they change providers within three hours of making the request.

The portability plan was meant to have been implemented no later than September last year, but telcos refused to meet the deadline. Led by Bezeq, a group of telcos petitioned the High Court to overturn a government decision obligating that start date, which prompted the Communications Ministry to negotiate with the companies to find a realistic date for implementation, although it insisted that it must start before the end of 2007. Both parties settled on September 2007 but in the summer Bezeq said that it would not be able to meet a September or October deadline. The 1 December deadline was later set. If the companies do not meet this date, they will be fined NIS300,000 (USD75,000) for each day they fail to implement the service.