Nortel gives PEOPLE what they want

9 Oct 2007

Fixed wireless CDMA network operator Telesystems of Ukraine (PEOPLEnet) has contracted Canadian technology provider Nortel Networks to roll out CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev A infrastructure nationwide. Under the deal, Nortel will supply base stations, base station controllers, packet mobile switching centres, media gateways and 1xEV-DO Rev A software and hardware. The first shipment of equipment has already been delivered to the Ukraine. The expansion and upgrade is aimed at enabling faster wireless internet speeds and introducing services such as mobile TV over its WiLL network. PEOPLEnet is currently operational in nine cities including Kyiv, and TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database notes that PEOPLEnet budgeted USD130 million for EV-DO rollouts in 2007/08 following an investment of around USD50 million in 2006, and is aiming to deploy a total of 1,000 base stations to cover all regional centres and around 80% of Ukraine’s population by 2010.