China Satcom unit leases satellite channel to NT

9 Oct 2007

China Orient Telecommunications Satellite Company (COTS), a subsidiary of state-controlled telco China Satcom, has agreed a deal to lease a satellite communications channel to Nepal Telecom (NT) for use in the Nepalese carrier’s mobile communication services, reports Bloomberg, citing a recent announcement from the Embassy of China in Nepal. According to its website, NT has been providing third generation (3G) mobile services since 17 May 2007. The company was initially government-owned but was transformed into a Public Limited Company in 2004. NT started out as the country’s basic telephonic service provider but has since diversified into offering internet facilities, mobile phone services and many other telecoms services.

China’s Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) and the State Planning Commission created the China Orient Telecommunications Satellite Company (COTS) in April 1995.

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)