BT and Fon launch Wi-Fi community

4 Oct 2007

BT and Fon have revealed plans to transform the UK’s wireless broadband sector, by launching BT FON, what they claim will be the world’s largest Wi-Fi community. BT’s more than three million retail broadband customers will be invited to join the global community of people sharing their high speed internet connections. At launch, new members will be part of an existing community of 500,000 members and will have access to more than 190,000 FON hotspots worldwide. Anyone joining will be able to use those FON hotspots across the world and all the new BT FON hotspots free of charge. Every person who agrees to share a small portion of their broadband connection, by opening up a separate, secure channel on their wireless router, will be able to share the connection of any other member. BT Total Broadband customers will also be able to use BT’s premium existing hotspot network, BT Openzone, including a dozen wireless cities.