Mena man moots mobile moves

27 Sep 2007

Abdulhakeem Al-Khayyat, the chairman of Bahraini alternative telco Mena Telecom, a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House Bahrain (KFHB), has revealed ambitions to apply for the third mobile phone network operating licence in the Kingdom. The chairman, also the general manager of KFHB, said that: ‘We are definitely keen to apply for the third mobile licence in Bahrain as part of our strategy to enhance the business base of the company,’ and added that Mena would be looking at various opportunities in the international arena after establishing its domestic operations. Mena won one of two fixed line and fixed-wireless network operating licences in December 2006 alongside the country’s second mobile operator MTC-Vodafone Bahrain (now rebranded Zain Bahrain), and has invested over USD50 million to roll out infrastructure including a WiMAX network, which it expects to have nationwide coverage by May 2008. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, it also offers international ‘MenaTalk’ calling cards, carrier pre-selection telephony over incumbent Batelco’s lines and satellite internet connections at speeds ranging from 512kbps/128kbps to 4Mbps/625kbps (down/upload).

Bahrain, Mena Telecom (Menatelecom)