Dutch fixed line, VoIP market grows in 2Q 2007

26 Sep 2007

The Netherlands’ consumer fixed line telephony market grew by 2,000 connections in the three months to 30 June to 5.999 million, despite a 3.6% fall in PSTN/ISDN lines to 3.8 million, according to Telecompaper’s quarterly update on the Dutch fixed telephony market. The research company said the number of Dutch consumer VoIP subscriptions rose 7.1% in the same period to 2.2 million, although the quarterly growth was lower than in the previous quarter, due to the former monopoly, KPN’s, decision to limit the weekly intake of InternetPlusBellen VoIP customers to 5,000. In its report Telecompaper said DSL-based VoIP subscriptions grew at a slower rate than cable VoIP subscriptions: 5.7% (65,000) compared with 8.3% (82,600) for cable. At the end of June this year there were 1.095 million DSL VoIP connections, compared with 1.076 million for cable customers. The former monopoly is the largest VoIP provider, with a market share of >31%, followed by UPC (19.2%) and Casema (12.3%). The Dutch market is estimated to have 2.8 million VoIP users by the end of the year.

Netherlands, KPN