Antel’s rate cuts ‘benefit low income users most’

26 Sep 2007

The lowest income customers of Uruguay’s state-owned telco Antel stand to benefit the most from a recent 8% cut in the basic monthly fee, reports BNamericas, quoting a government statement. There are some 100,000 subscribers, about 10% of Antel’s fixed line customer base, paying no more than the basic monthly fee, which includes 50 call credits. ‘They have no additional charges for telephony traffic. This is why the rate cut had more impact in this segment, as they only pay the monthly rate,’ said company manager Osvaldo Novoa. The rate cut took effect on 17 September and is the second such cut this year since the company decided to abolish domestic long-distance rates on 1 June, bringing all domestic calls under the umbrella of local telephony.

Uruguay, Antel