CenturyTel and Mountain Telephone reveal IPTV plans

20 Sep 2007

Two more US telcos – CenturyTel and Mountain Telephone – have jumped on the IPTV bandwagon, announcing their own plans to launch digital television services over an IP network. CenturyTel plans to launch IPTV in Columbia, Missouri, by the end of the month, making it the largest independent telco in the US to launch such a service. The operator has around 2.2 million access lines and 500,000 broadband subscribers and is expected to offer them IPTV starting at around USD50 per month for a basic service.

Meanwhile, Mountain Telephone is said to be deploying a fibre-optic ring in readiness for the roll out of IPTV services based on a Fujitsu multiserver provisioning platform. Mountain’s general manager Alan Gillum says it will take between two to five years to get the network fully implemented, at which stage the company will probably look at fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) as the next logical step. Local press reports says the first phase of construction is slated for mid-2008 and will involve a 10Gb fibre ring feeding 18-kilofoot ADSL2+ copper lines to residences and businesses.

United States, Lumen Technologies (incl. CenturyLink)