Benin and Togo switch on SAT-3 link

20 Sep 2007

An extension to the SAT-3/WASC international submarine cable connecting Togo and Benin has been formally launched by the countries’ respective heads of state. The new 165km fibre-optic cable, installed by Togo Telecom, will deliver high speed voice, data, and video services, and is designed to carry up to 500 million minutes of voice traffic per month. TeleGeography notes that the SAT-3/WASC (South Atlantic Telephony-3/West African Submarine Cable) system connects West Africa to Europe, and is part of a larger carrier consortium that includes the South Africa-Far East (SAFE) cable; SAT-3/WASC connects with SAFE in South Africa to form a single network linking Europe to Asia via western and southern Africa.

Benin, Togo