Vodacom unveils Simu ya Watu ‘shoe shine’ initiative

19 Sep 2007

Vodacom Tanzania is looking to create more jobs in the capital Dar es Salaam via a self-employment initiative with its community phone service Simu ya Watu (People’s Phone). Under the scheme Vodacom hopes people will resell phone services by offering a ‘fixed payphone’ connected to the operator’s GSM network. Vodacom plans to implement the project through its trade partners Planetel, One Cell and Shared Phone. People registering to the service will receive a free Simu Ya Watu trolley fully equipped with a mobile public phone from Vodacom.

Mr Gaudensi Ansi, Vodacom’s Head of Sales, said that Vodacom was looking to sign up local shoe shiners and register them with its trade partners as part of a wider job creation scheme. ‘Wealth and job creation is pivotal to the economic stability of our country. We want to get the youth off the streets and onto meaningful jobs. We are currently recruiting local shoe shiners and registering them with our trade partners,’ he said.

Tanzania, Vodacom Tanzania