Ericsson to install Angola coastal link

18 Sep 2007

Swedish vendor Ericsson has been contracted by Angola Telecom to supply an undersea fibre-optic cable linking six coastal provinces of Angola, in a deal worth around USD70 million. The network will be called ADONES (Angola Domestic Network System) and will stretch almost the full length of Angola’s 1,600km coastline, from Cabinda province in the north to Namibe in the south. The cable is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. ‘This is a very exciting and important project for us,’ said Joao Avelino, CEO of Angola Telecom. ‘Consumers in the coastal regions will benefit tremendously from increased, better quality communications services and, ultimately, the low cost of these services will enable the region’s industries and businesses to be more competitive in the world economy,’ added Avelino.

Angola, Angola Telecom (AT), Ericsson