SeCom resolution allows telcos to provide Fixed Wireless

7 Sep 2007

Argentina’s telecoms ministry SeCom has published Resolution 151/2007 which allows fixed line incumbents Telecom Argentina and Telefonica de Argentina (TdA) to offer fixed-wireless telephony in rural areas. The resolution stipulates the telcos can only offer the sevice in the areas of their historic monopolies; Telecom in the north and TdA in the south. According to SeCom, the resolution is part of its commitment to universal service. It is likely to benefit Telecom more than TdA as most poorer rural regions are in the northern half of the country. The resolution only applies to the two incumbents and not alternative fixed line operator Telmex Argentina, despite the latter asking SeCom last month for CDMA450 frequencies so it could start providing fixed wireless services in 25 cities.