iPhone claims 1.8% of mobile sales in July

6 Sep 2007

Apple’s iPhone handset accounted for 1.8% of all consumer mobile phones sold in the US last month, its first full month of sales, according to research published by iSuppli. The market research firm said iPhone sales outstripped those of leading smartphones and matched those of the country’s most popular phone, the LG Chocolate. The unit’s key demographic appears to be males aged 35 years or under, with a college degree or higher level of educational achievement, iSuppli said. The handset is classed as something of a ‘crossover’ phone with features that position it in direct competition with smartphones and feature-laden models. However, it must also be noted that part of its success is attributed to the hype that surrounded the release of the model in the preceding months before its release. iSuppli forecasts that Apple could see sales of the unit topping the 4.7 million-mark this year, rising to more than 30 million in 2011.

United States