Fiji cuts fixed, mobile and internet charges

4 Sep 2007

The Commerce Commission yesterday announced ‘significant’ reductions in the cost of making fixed and mobile telephone calls in Fiji, as well as cutting internet charges. The agency has announced a 20% reduction in international call charges on Telecom Fjii’s services, a 10% cut in domestic long-distance calls, and a similar 10% reduction for making a call from a fixed line to a cellphone. Mobile retail call rates and international mobile rates have also been cut by 10%, while a 20% reduction has been introduced on retail internet dial up services. Fiji International Telecommunications’ (FINTEL’s) International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) charges via the Southern Cross Cable have been slashed by 20%, it said. The new charges will all come into effect from 1 October for eight months and will be reviewed again at that point.