Rules for CDMA auction issued

31 Aug 2007

Hong Kong’s telecoms regulator OFTA today issued a statement inviting applications to bid for CDMA2000 mobile spectrum, including auction rules and conditions. The watchdog announced: ‘Apart from facilitating overseas and mainland [China] visitors and business travellers to continue to use CDMA2000 services whilst in Hong Kong, Hong Kong consumers will benefit by having a new choice of third generation (3G) mobile services and may be able to enjoy roaming services in those countries which offer CDMA2000 services…One [15-year] licence will be issued for the provision of CDMA2000 services starting from 20 November 2008. Radio spectrum with a bandwidth of 7.5MHz x2 in the 850MHz band will be assigned to the licensee. The use of such radio spectrum will be subject to a one-off lump sum payment…the amount of which is to be determined in the auction exercise…Parties interested in the auction will have six weeks to prepare their applications and the deadline of application is 12 October 2007. The auction is intended to be held around late October or early November…The current spectrum assignment for [2G] CDMA services will expire on 19 November 2008.’

Hong Kong