Lithuanians latest to unlock iPhone

30 Aug 2007

A website in Lithuania is offering to unlock US vendor Apple’s new iPhone for use with local cellular networks, reports Baltic News Service. The eagerly-awaited iPhone handset has not officially been released outside the US, where it is only available on the AT&T wireless network. The site features a video clip showing the iPhones operating on Lithuanian mobile networks Bite, Omnitel and Tele2, and offers to unlock iPhones for EUR260 (USD355) by early September. It claims there are three methods of making the iPhone operational in Lithuania: by SIM card cloning; by modifying the phone itself, or by installing a SIM card add-on. In the US, AT&T has a long-term contract with Apple to be the exclusive US wireless carrier for the handset, frustrating iPhone users who want to have use it on another network. Last week, 17-year-old George Hotz made international headlines when he unlocked the phone through software and hardware modifications, including soldering. However, the iPhone costs USD500-USD600, and with AT&T monthly plans from USD60, many users would want to tinker with such an expensive device this way. A US website,, has already claimed to have the first software-only unlocking method, and UniquePhones, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, says it has cracked the code which locks the iPhone into AT&T’s network.