Mobile market at highest level

28 Aug 2007

The number of mobile telephone users in Montenegro has achieved a new record, surpassing 142% of the total population, according to the latest market figures. The previous record in the number of users was achieved last September, when a 127.6% penetration rate was registered. Out of the total 881,500 mobile telephony users in Montenegro at end-July, only 17.4% were post-paid. On an annualised basis, the number of subscribers in July grew by more than 25%. ProMonte is still leader with a 54.70% market share, followed by T-Mobile with 40.14% and M:tel with 5.16%. In July the users of all three networks sent around 73.4 million SMS messages, or 18% more than in June. Outgoing traffic totaled 79.4 million minutes, 15% more vs the previous month.