Kabel Deutschland figures up but still making losses

24 Aug 2007

Kabel Deutschland (KDG), Germany’s largest cable operator, has reported growth in its broadband and telephone services as well as in the uptake of digital television for the second quarter of the year. The total number of digital TV subscribers rose from 549,000 at 30 June 2006 to 718,000 a year later. The combined number of telephony and broadband subscriptions rose in the same period from 162,000 to 386,000. Overall revenues rose from EUR229.9 million (USD311.7 million) in 2007Q1 to EUR254.2 million in 2007Q2. Average revenue per user (ARPU) rose from EUR7.50 a month to EUR8.20. However, the total number of revenue generating units (RGU) showed a small decline, from 9.6 million at the end of June last year to 9.258 million at the end of June this year. The company did not say why but it is believed to be due to cancellations of analogue subcriptions. EBITDA rose from EUR90.5 million in 2007Q1 to EUR107.6 million in 2007Q2, an increase of 19%. Net loss for the second quarter was EUR4.3 million euro compared with EUR13.1 million in the first. KDG has said it expects to start reporting quarterly net profits from 2008 onwards.

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