Fitel to wait for WiMAX

22 Aug 2007

Taiwanese WiMAX licensee First International Telecom (Fitel) says it does not plan to select its wireless broadband infrastructure supplier until the end of this year, when it expects the first MIMO (multiple input and multiple output) WiMAX equipment to hit the market. In the meantime, the firm says it will be examining its existing PHS mobile network to see which tower sites can be used for combined PHS and WiMAX infrastructure, DigiTimes reports.

Separately, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom (APBT) says it is applying for a trial WiMAX licence covering the south of the country. APBT failed in its bid to win a full regional WiMAX concession, but has been given permission to set up a network in the southern city of Taichung under the government’s Mobile Taiwan (M-Taiwan) programme. It wants the experimental licence to allow it to expand its WiMAX footprint beyond the city. It is also in negotiations with the three regional WiMAX licence holders – Vastar Cable TV, Far EasTone and Tatung Telecom – over a possible network sharing agreement.