Globe seeks NTC lead on ‘mobile poaching’

21 Aug 2007

Filipino mobile operator Globe Telecom has sent a legal delegation to the regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), asking it to introduce new regulations to stop the practice of operators ‘poaching’ mobile phone subscribers. In a telephone interview, Globe VP and head of regulatory affairs, Froilan Castelo said: ‘It is a practice being done by the industry. If the NTC finds it unethical, we welcome any policy. We don’t condone this.’ Castelo’s action comes a week after local newspaper The Inquirer triggered an internal investigation at the cellco’s offices amid concerns that telemarketing executives were enticing subscribers to switch to rival companies. Globe is looking to determine whether or not the persons involved are connected with rival firms, but in the meantime is looking for the NTC to stamp down on the practice. ‘This kind of practice was not initiated by Globe. In fact, this practice has long been banned by carriers. It is a high time for NTC to come out with a policy against telemarketing. If the NTC would issue a policy that makes it illegal, then we would comply,’ he said. Castelo fears that until the NTC introduces fresh policy, the poaching of subscribers will continue.