Namibia-Angola-Botswana connectivity deal approaches

20 Aug 2007

The Namibian government has announced that it will enter a new round of discussions with Botswana and Angola to secure a landing point for Namibia on the SAT-3 international submarine cable. The three countries have had four rounds of discussions on the issue since July last year. Both Namibia and Botswana both proposed an alternative international broadband connectivity route to SAT-3 to address the high costs of communications in the respective countries. ‘The transit costs to route telecommunication calls through Cape Town to the SAT-3 have become unsustainable,’ Namibia’s acting Permanent Secretary of Information, Wilma Deetlefs, said in a statement yesterday. At a meeting in Luanda last month, the three countries considered an Angolan proposal that will use the Angolan Domestic Cable Network (ADONES) as the basis for SAT-3 connectivity at Luanda with an extension of the ADONES from Namibe in Angola to Swakopmund. The three countries have already signed a memorandum of understanding that sets out the broad principles of cooperation. It includes terms of reference for multilateral cooperation that forms the basis for further negotiations.

Angola, Botswana, Namibia