SingTel Mobile launches new LBS service

7 Aug 2007

SingTel Mobile has introduced a new location-based service that allows subscribers to use their mobile phones to search for information based on their current location. The new *MAPS service uses the SingTel network to triangulate the user’s position and relays this information to the carrier to enable it to deliver contextual LBS information on a range of topics. To access *MAPS, users will need a GPRS/Wi-Fi enabled device and then enter an access code to enter a website with a map detailing their present location. Although the service is free, SingTel Mobile users will be charged for downloading data via its GPRS and HSDPA networks at the operator’s standard rate. In September the operator plans to expand the availability of *MAPS to include the operator’s Wireless@SG portal, again accessible via a Wi-Fi-enabled device.