UTL to offer Nepalese VoIP service

6 Aug 2007

United Telecom Limited (UTL) has been given the go-ahead to launch a commercial voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) service in Nepal, offering the promise of cheaper overseas calls to end-users. UTL, a joint venture between Indian state-backed telcos MTNL, VSNL, TCIL and a local Nepalese company, is the first private operator licensed to offer ILD services in the Kingdom, and has around 100,000 customers of its CDMA-based networks. The government of Nepal has finally given in and licensed both UTL and Nepal Telecom for VoIP in the wake of an estimated NPR8 billion (USD122 million) of annual losses due to illegal ILD call bypass services offered by VoIP-powered public phone booths and cyber cafés.

Nepal, United Telecom Limited (UTL)