Sixth tender for rural telecentres

1 Aug 2007

Romania’s telecoms watchdog, the National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology (ANRCTI), says seven firms have entered applications to run a total of 131 rural telecentres. The bidders are: 2K Telecom, Accessnet International, Adisam Telecom, Orange Romania, Rartel, National Society for Radiocommunications (SNR) and Vodafone Romania. The regulator will now study the applications and nominate a universal service provider for each locality, with the winning telco installing a telecentre to offer local, national and international voice calls, plus internet and fax services. This is the government’s sixth tender for rural telecentres. So far, six firms have been awarded contracts covering 331 localities, with 218 telecentres already in operation and the remainder due to be launched by the end of September.