Vodafone research finds 33% of small businesses using wireless to access the internet

31 Jul 2007

Demand for mobile broadband services is booming in the Republic, according to new research by local operator Vodafone Ireland. The company has revealed that a third of small businesses are using wireless services as their primary internet access connection, compared with just 20% using narrowband ‘dial-up’ alternatives. The cellco says those using wireless for their main connection were opting for one of a range of solutions such as fixed wireless access (FWA), 3G Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi and satellite technology to access the internet, rather than sticking with traditional fixed line technologies. The study, conducted in May and June this year, found that while ADSL predominates in the market, a growing number of companies are taking mobile broadband technology options. Vodafone’s data also concludes that 7% of larger SMEs no longer use a fixed line connection at all.

Ireland, Vodafone Ireland