Telecom Fiji profits up 25.5% in full-year 2007

27 Jul 2007

Telecom Fiji Ltd (TFL) posted net profits of USD24.6 million for its fiscal year ending 31 March 2007, up from USD19.6 million the previous year, but below the USD26.8 million profits it achieved in 2004. TFL, which is wholly owned by Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH) in 2004, said profits from operations increased by 5% as sales turnover increased overall due to increased data revenue. In its company report TFL said it made gains from an approved increase in line rentals, and a diversification in its revenue away from a reliance on traditional fixed line call charges. Operating costs rose 2% due in part to increased staff costs.

In 2006 TFL embarked on a programme called 110/50 to arrest the decline in fixed line connections and stimulate traffic in the network. Under the plan, the operator hoped to boost the number of connections to 110,000 and increase network traffic by 50%. In practice, it came close to its goal, reporting 108,362 fixed lines in service at the end of the year.

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