Virgin Mobile launches 3G-based 'fixed line' broadband bundle

25 Jul 2007

Virgin Mobile has launched a fixed line telephone service with broadband internet access and including unlimited local and national long-distance calls and 4GB of download data for AUD60 month, with all traffic carried on parent Optus’ 3G network. The service, Virgin Broadband at Home, is one part of a new suite of services, Virgin Broadband, along with Virgin Mobile Broadband: a mobile offering of handset (the new Nokia 6120), AUD520 worth of calls and 1GB of HSDPA data for AUD80 per month. Unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile numbers are also included and voicemail is free. Virgin Mobile CEO, Matt Davey, said charges for calls other than those included in the bundle were ‘comparable to those from other fixed line service providers.’

To activate the Virgin Broadband at Home service, users simply power up the access device which contains a 3G handset, router and WiFi access point and plug in a standard analogue handset and connect their PC via either an ethernet port or WiFi. The service comes with a PSTN telephone number and users can port across an existing PSTN number if they choose.

The data rate for the HSPA access is constrained to a maximum of 700kps and once the quota is exceeded is throttled back to 128kbps. However the modem in the access device is able to support HSDPA at up to 7.2Mbps. The service will be available from 1 August.