Chinese telcos report June subscriber data

23 Jul 2007

China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless operator by subscribers, added 5.53 million customers in June, to take its tally to 332.39 million. The company reports that 5.15 million of its new customers in June were pre-paid while 372,000 were contract customers. Wireless rival China Unicom meanwhile reported 112.57 million GSM customers at the end of June, in addition to 39.06 million CDMA users, up from 111.44 million and 38.66 million respectively at the end of May.

China Telecom, the People’s Republic’s largest fixed line operator, added 210,000 local-access customers in June, raising its total number of customers to 224.49 million. The company also added 570,000 broadband subscribers taking the total to 32.19 million. China Netcom ended June with 115.08 million fixed line users and 17.12 million broadband users.