VoIP subscriber growth in western Europe is skyrocketing

19 Jul 2007

TeleGeography’s new European VoIP Research Service projects that nearly 30 million consumer VoIP lines will be in service across Europe by end of 2007, up from 6.5 million at the beginning of 2006. The rapid growth of VoIP will change the way telcos do business in Europe, and challenges the historical stronghold of incumbent service providers.

However, while VoIP services are growing rapidly in all of western Europe, a closer look reveals stark differences in subscriber numbers, market penetration and growth rates across Europe (see figure). Some markets, like France and the Netherlands, have already reached a large portion of homes; others, like Spain, have low penetration levels, but are growing at a blistering pace.

TeleGeography’s European VoIP Research Service provides vital insight and data including:

Which countries are the largest markets for VoIP services, and which have the greatest long-term potential?

Who are the largest European VoIP service providers?

What impact will VoIP Have on switched telephone revenues?

How do trends in Europe compare with the US?

To learn more and to download free samples, please visit http://www.telegeography.com/products/euro_voip/index.php

TeleGeography's European VoIP Research Service