Telkom defends CDMA service

18 Jul 2007

Telkom Kenya has dismissed accusations from rivals that it has launched mobile services without acquiring the appropriate licence. Cellular operators Celtel and Safaricom are unhappy that Telkom has launched a CDMA2000 1x system and is offering cut-price calls in areas not previously covered by its fixed line networks. Telkom says the new CDMA system is a fixed wireless network and as such is covered by its wireline operating concession; its rivals complain that the system is more akin to their own GSM networks and that Telkom should be made to apply for a cellular licence and pay the applicable taxes. Local newspaper the East African Business Week says that Telkom has already signed up 70,000 users on the new network; it is planning to invest KES3.5 billion (USD7.4 million) to expand the network to new areas.

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