AmenTel monopoly to end on 1 October 2007, or will it?

17 Jul 2007

ArmenTel’s monopoly on the provision of fixed line services in Armenia is set to end on 1 October 2007, according to the chairman of the RA Public Services Regulatory Commission, Robert Nazaryan. The chairman says that as a result of the move, the country’s telecoms market will be fully liberalised. However, ArmenTel Director General Oleg Bliznyuk has since gone on record as saying that the final date for the termination of its monopoly has not actually been set. ‘Whether we will be deprived of our monopoly on October 1 or on November 1 – this is only the Commission’s wish, as no official statement has actually been made,’ Bliznuk said, although earlier the ArmenTel director general confirmed that the telco’s monopoly would end before the end of 2007 – two years ahead of the original schedule of 2009. ArmenTel is the dominant provider of telecoms services in Armenia. At the end of 2006 it had 608,500 fixed line voice customers and 452,000 mobile subscribers.