Study finds 54% of homes would prefer triple-play

16 Jul 2007

BNamericas, quoting a recent study by local consultancy Prince & Cooke, reports that some 54% of homes in Argentina receiving fixed telephony services would prefer to receive multiple services from a single operator. People mentioned price and convenience as reasons for adopting a single service provider, while some described the dependence on a single provider as a disadvantage. Incumbents Telefónica de Argentina and Telecom Argentina have been pressuring the government to allow them to offer bundled services over a single network. According to Prince & Cooke, the fixed line telephony, internet and pay TV segments will generate revenues of ARS8.8 billion (USD2.85 billion) this year, an increase of 8% compared to 2006. ‘People in Argentina still do not have much idea of the concept of triple-play services. I think that once triple-play is allowed in the country this figure will decrease slightly as operators will certainly cut rates to attract clients,’ said Prince & Cooke’s associate director Pablo Tedesco.