MTL connects network to Mozambique

16 Jul 2007

Incumbent telco Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) is looking into installing a cross-border fibre-optic link with its counterpart in neighbouring Mozambique, Telecommunicacoes De Mozambique (TDM). The proposed connection will be between Mwanza in Malawi and Zobue in Mozambique. MTL chief technology officer Peter Boll said the USD25 million project would connect the neighbouring countries and eventually allow onward connection to the rest of the world. ‘The implementation schedule of this project, and main construction works from Blantyre will start during the third quarter of 2007,’ he said. TDM’s Head of Technical Planning Division Moises Alexandre Nhabanga said, ‘This project will improve communication capacity and quality and will allow Malawi to connect through the EASSy cable project, having a landing point on the coast of Mozambique.’ Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) Director of Telecommunications Mike Kuntiya welcomed the scheme, saying, ‘This project is a welcome idea as it will form part of the broadband network that government has been encouraging operators to come up with.’

MTL will also be commissioning a microwave link connecting Lilongwe with Mchinji in Zambia and extending the Mzuzu-Karonga microwave link in northern Malawi to Dar-es-Salaam, the former capital of Tanzania.