Carrier BG offered WiMAX licence

16 Jul 2007

Alternative telecoms start-up Carrier BG has won a long-running legal battle with the Bulgarian regulator, the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), which now makes it eligible to win a WiMAX concession, on payment of the necessary fee. Carrier BG was one of a number of participants in a WiMAX licence auction which took place in 2005. The winners were announced as Nexcom, Orbitel and BTC, but the last two later dropped out of the running soon after. CRC then offered a concession to Mobitel, but declined to offer one to Carrier BG because its bid was only worth around a third of the other offers, at around BGL2.37 million. Carrier BG claimed this was unfair and took its case to the Supreme Court in Sofia, which ruled that the bottom-ranked bidders did have the legitimate right to proceed in the competition.