NIXP negotiates reduced bandwidth charge

12 Jul 2007

Mr Mohammed Rudman, CEO of Nigeria Internet Exchange Point (NIXP), told local newspaper This Day that the use of international bandwidth for national data costs Nigeria over USD100 million each year, and the cost of data transit is the major stumbling block for affordable internet service. Many Nigerian ISPs are connected outside the country and so even local people browsing local websites may be routed out of Nigeria and then back in again. Rudman told the paper that NIXP, a non-profit organisation, has agreed a deal with national incumbent NITEL to provide bandwidth from the SAT-3 submarine cable system at a rate of USD2,800 per megabit duplex connection to NIXP members, reduced from USD6,300. He added that Starcomms has joined NIXP, becoming the first PTO to do so, and called on all Nigerian ISPs, telecom operators and content providers to connect to NIXP to ensure that all local internet traffic stays within Nigeria.