The rise and rise of telecoms

11 Jul 2007

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI’s) Quarterly Performance of Telecom Services for Q1 2007, at the end of March there were 205.9 million wireline and wireless subscribers across the sub-continent, up 8.36% on the previous quarter and 46% year-on-year. During the first quarter the wireless base grew by 10.35%, or 15.49 million subscribers, to total 165.11 million. Fixed telephony connections rose from 40.3 million to 40.75 million. India’s internet subscriber base at the end of Q1 was 9.27 million, compared to the 8.58 million at the start of the year. The broadband base rose to 2.34 million, up 13.85% in the quarter.