NIGCOMSAT-1 passes orbit tests

5 Jul 2007

Nigeria Communication Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT) has announced that its first satellite, NIGCOMSAT-1, which was launched in May, has successfully completed an in-orbit-test (IOT). The IOT comprised a series of measurements carried out by experienced satellite operators including the European Space Agency and EUTELSAT, to verify the performance of the satellite, and lasted from 1 June to 28 June. Completion of the IOT means that the satellite can now be handed over to the government and switched on for customers. The Managing Director of NIGCOMSAT, Alhaji Ahmed Rufai, said, ‘With the switching on of the satellite, the quality of telecom services is bound to improve as penetration and accessibility of telecom services in rural areas and unserved urban areas will be vigorously pursued,’ adding that the company was working with a conglomerate of PTOs to expand internet services across the continent.