TelstraClear to turn to Telecom?

4 Jul 2007

TelstraClear is reported to be close to securing a wholesale mobile deal with Telecom New Zealand after failing to reach a new agreement with rival operator Vodafone. Australian-owned TelstraClear has 30,000 mobile subscribers on its books – predominantly business users – who are currently served under a long-term resale agreement with Vodafone. With these two companies unable to conclude a new deal, however, the future for the customers has remained uncertain. Local newspaper The Dominion Post now reports that TelstraClear will turn to Telecom New Zealand for a wholesale deal, with an unnamed source saying an agreement was ‘close’. Telecom recently announced that it is to roll out GSM and W-CDMA networks alongside its existing CDMA infrastructure; the TelstraClear customers are currently using Vodafone’s GSM-based networks.

Meanwhile, TelstraClear says its decision to lay off 100 of its 1,400 staff in New Zealand does not affect its commitment to the country’s telecoms market. The firm says that its parent company Telstra will be taking over the management of some support operations in order to cut costs. Chief executive Allan Freeth said: ‘The important thing for customers and for us is the recommitment to stay in all business segments in New Zealand.’

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